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Resolve to Do More, Better

The top water cooler question in offices around the country during the first week of January is "how was your Christmas?" which is often followed by "any new year's resolutions?" If you're like me, the former is typically easier to answer than the latter. Colleagues vow to maintain an exercise routine by locking in an annual gym membership, and I'm a realist who knows that "Members Only" was a brand in the 1980s that somehow still exists as what must be a vintage, cult classic today.

No, my resolutions aren't about body and health (not that those aren't important), but are about fine-tuning my schedule, producing more content, and maintaining or exceeding the quality I'm known for. Thus, my resolution for 2018 is to do more, better.

Do More, Better. © Elated Creative

Share your resolutions with me on Twitter or Facebook. Or leave a comment here on the post, if you like. Cheers to a fruitful 2018!

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