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Casey L. Higgins Re-brands to Elated Creative

When Lexington, Virginia freelance writer and social media consultant Casey L. Higgins launched her business in January 2016, working under her own name was a common sense choice. Potential clients had a previously established relationship with Higgins and readily recognized her new venture. Why swing away from a name when the name is known within the industry in which the business focuses?

As clients fell into place and work rolled along, the notion of officially naming the solo business became more than a fleeting thought. It didn't take long to decide upon Elated Creative.

Born from the realization that clients were consistently overjoyed with the quality of work and social media efforts produced by Higgins, the word "elated" was an obvious choice. "Creative" is essentially a description of Higgins herself: a word-loving being who also enjoys painting and photography.

Elated Creative is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and specializes in travel and tourism marketing. The menu of services includes copywriting for print and web, content management, and social media management and strategy. Areas of expertise include most things travel and tourism related within the Commonwealth of Virginia, like the burgeoning craft beer industry, the arts, history, family travel, and outdoor adventure.

Casey L. Higgins worked to launch the Virginia is for Lovers blog and was the primary writer from its inception to December 2015. She was also the copywriter for the Virginia is for Lovers website, the official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and managed the Virginia is for Lovers Facebook presence from its creation in 2008 to December 2015.

To request a proposal for services offered by Elated Creative, please use the contact form.


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